Zhout LLC

Zhout is a small firm that specializes in creating custom technological solutions for businesses and non-profit organizations. Since its inception in 2009, Zhout has helped small companies reach their goals by integrating technology into business operations.

Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, Zhout works with a variety of specialist in the fields of engineering, marketing, commodities, transportation, manufacturing, and construction to discover the best strategies to meeting your technological needs.

Product Design

Zhout works with leading specialist to create software and hardware products for our clients.


We work with partners across the world to create outlets for our clients products. Zhout's primary focus lies in bringing products and services to developing markets across the world.

Market Analysis

Zhout has worked to find the most suitable markets for our clients products and services. Often times our clients have great ideas, but often do not know which markets would be most friendly for them. We utilize our network to perform market analysis and pre-feasibility to find the best entry points for our client's innovations.